Chal Man Jeetva Jaiye Full Movie Watch Online

chal man jeetva jaiye full movie watch online

The film is made up of only one room, which has more than 10 family members, who had to face big financial loss due to bad business decisions by family members just now. As a result, they are left with two ways to cope with the crisis – declare bankruptcy or return money to investors. Both of them have the pros and cons. There is a dispute between the father and the two sons in this movie, which has opposite approaches to face the crisis. At one end, the “brand value” and the experience and, finally, his son, is “just-an-MBA” and for many years of experience, discussion, and argument, the owner of a well-known industry is the one who is wrong to another person. The father says that his plan is “more practical” when the son argues that his plan and decision are not just “inconceivable” but also “emotional” and “lack of foresight”. During the discussion the son and his cousin gave points about father’s psychology behind his decision, ie his ego and hidden self complexes.

Chely Man Jeetva Jaiye remembers the raving saga of a business family who watches himself on crossroads, where one can spend everything with a wrong decision.

chal man jeetva jaiye full movie download hd

This film is a joint family where supporting characters are deftly found in the joint family jointly with all Indian characters. Rich father’s stupid daughter, wife is reprimanded by her husband for every small thing and is constantly told that she is illiterate and therefore ‘not auspicious’, a selfish and greedy wife, an extravagant son and an introvert and shy boy who There is a burden on his father’s over-expectations from birth. These characters stop you when this discussion is not in progress.

Overall, this movie has a good look at the moral sense, but in the first 30 minutes it can be very predictable. However, this film ends with a challenge between two sons to create an empire in their own different ways, which could be the reason for the audience to return to the second part.

To complete, you have to learn something about the movie and if you want to get together with your family then you should make a film.

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