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Siddhartha Randariya’s name is never known for the comic books of Hindi comedians and comedians who have never been known in the Hindi language. Gujjubhai Series plays in India and America, England, Africa, etc. Out-and-out Comedy Plays in the Countries One by one, waiting for the entertainment of the entertainers. Randaria Gujarati is considered synonymous with comedy plays . Even if you say it is not wrong. His first directorial debut in ‘Gujjubhai the Great’, directed by Nishan Randaria, was released from the episode of his play. Afkars was very much appreciated and, inevitably, it was also successful in the form of out-and-out comedy film Chalar than the usual stereotype films in Gujarati.

‘Gujjbhai Most Wanted‘, starring actor Siddharth Randaria, was released recently. The film has so far earned record breaks. Apart from this, the film has become the fastest-ever film to date. According to the numbers so far, the film has said that the film has made Rs 10 crore. The film has received a good response from the audience as the film has only been released for two weeks. In view of the film’s release, the audience got more wear and tear in the second weekend. The director and producer say that distributors are now approaching to show this film in front of them. This film was banned in Dubai due to terrorism issue. The censorbord of the UAE had hit the film. While filming where the word was coming from Pakistan, mutual friends are saying that they are getting a good response from the mutation.

The recently released Gujarati film ‘Gujjubhai Most Wanted‘ is getting huge reception. The film has done more than five crore collections in the first weekend, which is very good for Gujarati film. The show has increased in the second week in spite of having a large number of releases in the first week. Now it has been seen that despite the big Banner films in Hindi, people have become more interested in watching Gujarati films and this is a pleasure for Gujarati filmmakers.


In upcoming Gujarati films, ‘Bapham’ will be released on March 9 and ‘Ratanpur’ on March 16.

The dialogues written by Siddhartha Randaria styling, with his son’s beautiful directorial debut and his sketchy scoop …. There is no reason to doubt the film about people.


During the telephonic interview with Khadi’s optimistic and enthusiastic princess Randaria, she said, “I have tried to make a new comedy movie with a different storyline rather than a previous play after working on the store for nearly six months. Is there.

Filmmaker Jaini Gada of Yain Films, who has just released Hindi films so far, has completed the entire film in Bhoja for a big budget and big screen. He joined enthusiasm and first time in Gujarati film history, 45 places in 11 screens were previewed. The simultaneous release of the 640 shows in theaters is also a rare event for Gujarati film.

Talking about the current time that the word Urban Films has spread like a four-pronged rumor, he said that words like urban should not be the same. The film may be good or bad – the distinction between rural and urban is not good. When asked about whether Aamir Khan’s film can be called Urban, he said that after the blind stream of the films of the same type of films, the audience was also tired and the situation of the downslide was such that when films like Jaisesh and Yeh Jawaar The people who started the new line started the urban word because of the films made on the urban environment.

According to Siddhartha Randaria, who is very sure to be successful for the release of the film, the son will be directed to the direction of the direction of the direction of the North and the rhetoric.

There are still plenty of shows left in the play-off stage. So, he said that he will start the new play after July, adding that he is not even going to be back in September, behind Gujjubhai Moss-wanted. Now his team is busy for this too.

Story Line

56-year-old Arvind Dwitia and his son, Agesh, are often victimized by some of their problems due to their mistakes. They are all practicing professionally, one day they get out on the wrong path. There are few people who sit in secret agents. This is the heart of the film, because of the confusion he gets from appearing in many confusions.


Starcast of the film 

Gujjubhai most wanted start 23-2-2018

Sighartha Randaria (Arvind Diveia), Bhumit Trivedi (Agesh Dewetia)

Director Writer- Scream Play: North Randeria

Producer: Charan Jayantilal Gada, Dhawal Jayantilal Gada

Musician: Arvite Nemlaker, Parth Bharat Thakker

Cinematography: Shreyasi Krishna Editor: Tushar Parekh

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