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thanga magan hindi dubbed


Thanga Magan Hindi Dubbed


Thanga Magan (English: Golden Sun) is a 2015 Indian family drama film written and directed by Valaraj. Dhanush created the film with stars Samantha Ruth Prabhu and Amy Jackson and created stars. The film entered production in March 2015 and was released on December 18, 2015. The film was released for mixed reviews, but did well at the box office.

The film runs with Tamiz (Dhanush), his wife Yamuna (Samantha Ruth Prabhu), and mother (Radhika) in a new house, which is not very comfortable. After settling down in a new house in search of a job, Tamim leaves him with his friend Kumaran (Satish). All the companies are pleased with its resumption, but due to the incidents of their previous work, they are hesitant to give jobs. Finally, out of necessity, Tamimis becomes a worker in a shop of Biryani shop along the roadside. He comes home tonight after being drunk. He tells them the reason for becoming like this through a series of flashbacks.

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During his college days, Tamizh (B.Com students in the second year), Kumaran, and cousin Arvind (Adith Arun) of Tamees were inseparable friends. One day, Tamim’s mother tells her to go to the temple for worship. There he meets Hema (Amy Jackson), who is an architect student, and she immediately falls in love with him. He then follows him, his heart wins, and they fall in love. For his first anniversary, the friends of Tamiz, Hema, Kumaran and Hema go to Revathi Darjeeling. Tameez was doing all this without the knowledge of his father Vijayaraghavan (KS Ravikumar) who is tax assistant in Income Tax Department and Arvind, for which he feels guilty. He decides that he will tell the two truths when he returns to Chennai. But in Darjeeling, he encounters Arvind, who follows him and what he is doing and feeling guilty about it. Arvind says that he does not want to see Tameez and stop the storm. Then they both go to the room and give Hema Tamim a plan for her future home. Tamim sees that there is no room for her parents in her new house. She asks Hema about this, and she says that she will not be with her. It affects the temperament and they both fight, eventually leading to their breakup.

They both proceed with their lives. Tamim is included in the Income Tax office as a tax assistant in Vijayaraghavan, and Hema gets married to Arvind. Tamim also accepts marriage and marries Yamuna. She loves deeply with her and forgets Hema, from which she becomes Arvind’s wife. One day, Vijayaraghavan returns home and screams on his wife. The next morning, when the Yamuna opened the bathroom door, it was found that Vijayaraghavan hanged himself. Everyone says that he steals a file from his office and calls him a thief. Tamim is also suspended without salary and the landlord is asked to evacuate his house. First of all, they go to the place of the Yamuna. But Yamuna’s parents behave poorly with Tamim, so they go to a new house.

Thanga Magan (Paap Ki Kamai ) Hindi Dubbed Movie Download

At present, Tamim tries to gather information about Vijayaraghavan in vain. In the end, a close friend of Vijayaraghavan sees Tamim and says that Vijayaraghavan once mentioned a bag of money. So Tamim goes to see his boss assistant commissioner Prakash Kumar (Jaiprakash), who tells him that he had given Rs 5 crores to keep Vijayaraghavan safe because his house was raided and when he was asked to go back He said that he forgot where he had placed him. Light thinks that he has stolen money, takes an important file, and threatens Vijayaraghavan to return the money to get the file. Tameez once remembers Vijayraghavan while arguing with Arvind, so he goes to see him about money. Arvind denies any such thing. Later, Hema faced Arvind about the money and in the state of intoxication, she told him that she took money for her business and was about to return it after settling, but before that Vijayaraghavan committed suicide was. Hema meets Yamuna in the temple and tells her the truth behind money. When he is out, Tamiz goes to Arvind’s house and searches for his home, where he gets agreement paper for a certain builder. Kumaran goes to the builder as one of Arvind’s men, and collects details about the place, the date and time of the closure, and cleverly gives the dealer 9: 00 at the time of meeting instead of 7: Refuses to change at 00 o’clock. At 7:00, Arvind goes to the place of making a deal and faces the samayas. After some time change, Samis takes money with him.

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That night some people come to steal in the house of Tameez, but Tamim closed them. The next day, Tamim was informed by an anonymous collar about an income tax raids at his house. Tamiz gives money to save Kumaran, who is later intercepted to withdraw money by Arvind. Taviz tells Arvind’s call list that Arvind often comes with a number. He tells the owner’s address and finds that he has another Rs 4 crore to convert him into white. Tameez kills him and withdraws money. Arvind detects this and tries to protect the rest, ultimately loses its mental balance in the process. Tamim goes to meet Arvind and reminds him how happy he was before getting the money. Arvind realizes his mistake and in the end, he asks for forgiveness for Tameez, apologizes. Tameez goes to the light and says that he has got the money and he will give it to get his job and file back. But Prakash revealed that he sold the file in 50 crores and Tamiz took 5 crores and stopped the issue. But Tameez does not want this and asks him to accept his mistake. The light sends some goons to eliminate Tamim, while later the Yamuna takes to the hospital because she was suffering from labor, but she fought back. Later he calls Prakash and asks him to see the news where his assistant (MS Bhaskar) is revealing his corrupt activities. Then Tameez tells him that he gave Rs 5 crore to confess his assistant. Prakash is arrested, and the Yamuna gives birth to a child. The film goes out for a job with a knit-like charm.

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